Friday, 23 November 2007

What is in a name?

What is in a name!
A rose will smell the same, even if it is called by another name! So goes the proverb …
It is crusty dark outside.
The computer is on.
Tamper finder is busy with googling when the mobile alerted.
The call is from Head quarters.
Be ready for a surprise inspection in a famous hotel around mid night in a world famous tourist centre.
“This hotel performs high-tech power theft and that too only at night. On seeing any utility personnel, the normalcy will be regained by a swift and clandestine operation by the Hotel Manager. Any inspection after this act would give accurate results. Many inspection teams of the ‘God’s own utility’ failed in past. There is no come back till the theft is detected………”...So goes the instructions.
The team is ready within an hour and moved to the destination. Beaches of this tourist centre are a personification of beauty, elegance and calmness. Many of the beaches are still to be discovered by tourists. As most of the locales here live a slow life, these heavenly beaches remain under wraps. Lying beneath swaying coconut trees, keeping mind on to the winds torment its leaves, refresh the soul to the deepest……………………
Slowly we moved to the palatial building built in wood and sporting antique, carved doors and pillars……….
Each room is a piece of marvelous traditional architecture.
We find the beautiful girls moving here and there diverting our attention!!!!
Soon appeared the hotel manager…..Before he could do any mischief, one of the team members reached near the energy meter.
Find the manger in helpless condition…..
The power theft was so meticulously done that even the” expert” team took more than an hour to analyze the tampering of energy meter and the modus operandi..
The logic and implementation of power theft deserves appreciation.
Soon one member of our team- usually acts as Dr.Watson (?)- rushed to tamper finder as if he had detected another irregularity.
He advised the Tamperfinder to leave the spot soon
‘Why so hurry’?
“This is not a hotel as the name indicates”
‘What the hell are u talking?’ One team member irritated.
Soon we realized, it as not a hotel, but a brothel
Many pretty girls moving with kinky gestures.
As we realized we are in a kip, the inspection and preparation of reports were done very quickly
There was no resistance from this consumer during the surprise inspection. (“Resistance” is not known in such places!!!!)
This is a tourist place and all the *hotels in tourist centers are categorized under industrial tariff which is quite lower, in god’s own utility.
Tamper finder hurriedly prepared the ‘loss assessment’ at site itself.
Why such untimely hiccup from ‘Dr Watson?’
‘What happened?’ asked Tamperfinder impatiently
‘Sir, you are losing revenue by adopting the lower tariff for electricity ie industrial” courteously replied “Dr.Watson”
‘No. It is the tariff allocated to them officially’, vehemently replied the leader.
‘Sir, don’t you know, it should be the actual purpose and not allocated purpose that determines the tariff?”. This time the voice of the deputy was firm.
So what?
‘What is the actual use of electricity here?’ There is no sign of recessive mood in him.
“Industry”,’coz it is identified by the tourism department, as a measure of promoting tourism………….” Tamperfinder delivered a lecture on tariff orders, classifications, electricity supply codes, codes and procedures etc.etc.
‘Agreed sir, no question of yr authority’.” But, the actual business undergoing here is nothing but trade….perhaps the oldest trade of human civilization…….and ‘Buy and sell’ has to be charged under the highest tariff as per our tariff notification… and do u want go by the name of the hotel” the deputy spoke like a logician and philosopher.
‘What is in a name, sir?’ he spoke in sotto voice
Yes….No…. !..... ?
There is a bit in name. A rose would not be same if called by some other name.

See the different categories of names. Do u still believe that there is nothing in a name?

Agnomen, alias, anonym, appellation, badge name,
Birth name, brand name, byname,
Class name, Christian name, classification name, cognomen, Code name, cover, common name,
Designation, denomination, demonian,
Epithet, econym, eponym
Family name, first name, forename,
Genus name, given name, handle name,
icon name
Label name, last name
Maiden name, married name, moniker
noms de guerre, nom de plume, nickname
Patronymic, pen name, personal name, pseudonym, pet name, place name
Sobriquet, stage name, signature name, sign, mark name, specie name, surname, symbol name,
Toponym name, title name, trade name, type name.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Astrology&Power Theft

Astrology & Power Theft

What is the relationship between astrology and power theft? Tamperfinder has no idea till he conducted a surprise inspection recently. There is no Reference Book to go through also………..
Two entirely different topics of science with no common field of interest.
Heavenly bodies like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars etc play decisive role in Astrology while voltage, current, meters, seals etc comes under the latter.

The letter received the other day, unfolding power theft at a location, has brought nothing new…a routine work ………
But, when perused, the source information is found referring to a famous fortune-teller!
Tamperfinder is not an ardent follower of astrology, hence not concerned about starting the journey for inspection at auspicious time.
The vehicle moved……..came to an island with full of coconut trees in line at one side of road and the calm sea at the other side.

As we moved,……… the vehicle left behind thick vegetation……cycle is the latest mode of transportation there…….A thatched big shed appeared near the road and the team alighted as if it were our destination.
No…it was the cultural centre of the village, a cinema theatre….
Chemmen and Mera Nam Joker are yet to be released there….
A pretty woman sitting rear the roadside with a basket of fish and tapioca for sale….claiming fresh fish…
But this fish didn’t know the history of the sea for the last3-4 days!. With her help, we carried on further….Jobless youngsters and roadside Romeos sitting on culvert side ….. busy with discussion.
Their discussion ranged from the price hike of onion in Ukraine to Chikunguniya in Cochin.
The road turns out to be narrow and finally we found the target.

The vehicle parked few meters away…….. A lot of followers moving here and there……Street vendors are happy with business……
Without noticing any body, we went inside.
Though the building is small, the attached shed is large enough to accommodate about 1000 people….. few are sitting… while others muttering something looking at the horizon…

While moving swiftly, tamperfinder was caught and stopped.
! ?
A moving skeleton.... or a fossil in uniform……….
Hither to I considered ‘paper’ as the thinnest man made material .This bony’s front and backside touch almost each other!!!
‘Got your token??’
‘No ‘

‘Baba…you may get a number above 250 only’…… the skeleton screamed.
Got one, to get rid of him
We started inspecting the energy meter. And detected power theft performed on meter…in just 2-3 minutes’ time. One of the most foolish ways of tampering the meter….all physical evidences were intact (or preserved?). And nothing erased…

Quickly prepared all reports and arranged photos.
Tamperfinder is known for buttering….moved to visit the Chief of the institution.
But he was not available. His immediate subordinate came …shown him all evidences on meter…….No questions ….any difference of opinion or objection…..signed all papers……….
‘Can I see the Chief?’ the artifice tamperfinder requested in devotional voice…
‘Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooo.’
‘He has gone to xxxxxxxx yesterday’. ‘This is not an arranged tour’. ‘Usually we prepare his tour program…’This time he suddenly decided to go…….’
“Our Chief had an intuition the other day …that you will come for surprise inspection to detect power theft today’. ‘That is why he preferred to stay away’, the sincere deputy said.
Tamperfinder’s eye ball bulged out …Till depature, the sincere disciple has nothing else to say except his chief’s supernatural powers……….
Then……. Why the physical evidence was not vanished?........tamperfinder was about to ask….but reserved…… not because of any premonition….. but the big moustache of the few crowded around us!
Belief will protect….whether astrology or power theft.

Saturday, 10 November 2007


Electricity theft is a social evil. Billions of dollars are stolen from the utilities annually. These costs are routinely passed along to the customer in the form of higher rate. Utilities are struggling hard to find ways to combat it. Most of the countries have realized the importance this evil and formulated strict laws to curb theft of electricity. All countries have treated this as a criminal and cognizable offence.
But crooks always have the ability to keep one step ahead of the anti theft system. They stay in business purely through their flair to circumvent any challenge that comes their way. They will always be ahead of the vigilance wing or any Anti power theft detection system. Gone are the days of crude mechanical ways to tamper the meter or divert electricity from main line. The R&D of electricity theft is growing faster than that of the metering mechanism, which was revolution with the advent of ICs and Programmable logic circuits!. Now power theft using the Remote sensing devices has been developed. (Please don’t think that only hooking from overhead line is power theft!!) Various high-tech power thefts will be discussed here for the benefit of those engaged in detection of pilferage of electricity and view power sector seriously.
The money power involved in this game is beyond imagination. Globally hundreds of million-worth energy is pilfered by these anti social elements. No country enjoys comfortable position as far as power theft is concerned. Only the % may vary. Yes, power theft has inter country ramifications.
My intention is to create awareness among bloggers how this social evil creates havoc to economy and its social aspects. The Prime Minister of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh commended power theft as the "Cancer of society”. Indeed, its silent attack on our economy will be usually noticed only at a stage when issue goes beyond control, like cancer. Every reduction of 1% in loss can save additional capacity of 800MW in the largest democratic country of the world...This may require investment of approx.1250 million dollars and the current exercise of focusing attention only on capacity addition is like pouring of funds to bottomless bin.

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