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December14- World Energy Day

December-14 World Energy Day

The importance of electricity in present day life needs no explanation. For living, entertainment, learning, and what not, electricity plays a vital role. We cannot even think of a moment without electricity, especially for the city dweller. All are worried about the escalating electricity charges. But how many are aware of the optimum utilisation of the domestic appliances? Can we enjoy a better life style with much reduced consumption of electricity? Are there leakages of your hard earned money as current charges without adequate returns? Do you feel that your electricity bill does not commensurate with total appliance used and the level of comfort enjoyed? ? Is your family budget affected by the power tariff? If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes,” you urgently need “Energy Audit’”. The term Audit brings to our mind the commercial audit in our office to find out any irregularity committed. The energy audit is …

How suitable are u in detecting power theft?

Theft of electricity is a universal calamity. No country enjoys a comfortable position from this social evil. Billions of dollars of electricity are pilfered every year and the cost is routinely passed to honest consumers, in the form of higher tariff.
All over the world, electricity utilities have formed functional units exclusively for detection of electricity. They may be Flying squad, Antipower theft squad, or Enforcement wing (After all what is in a name!!! A cat- whether black or white- should trap rats. That’s all.)
Detection of power theft is a specialized job and not suited to any sleuths, but requires leadership, keen observation, analysis and quick judgment. This is a field where a number of qualities are put to test. They should approach a consumer without any prejudice.
How suitable are u in detecting power theft?
Here is a test.
Be honest.
The answer is shown below. First arrive at the answer by yourself and then check by scrolling the mouse. This…