Saturday, 26 July 2008

Why men are so special?

Why men are so special?

The city Trivandrum is growing fastly.A number of new shops and malls are now opened.Recenctly a multi-storeyed shopping complex is opened in MG Road.
This is a special shop.
It sells husbands!!!
When women go to choose a husband at this store, they have to follow few instructions
“You may visit the store only once. There are 6 floors and the value of products increases as u ascent the flights .You may chose any item from a particular store or may go up to next floor ,but cannot go back to down floor except to exit the building.”
Needless to say there is no sales return like onam shopping
So a woman goes to the husband store to find a suitable husband.

On the first floor, the display reads like this ” Floor 1- These men have jobs.’
The second floor sign reads ” These men have jobs and love kids”

The third floor sign board says ” These men have jobs, love kids, and extremely good in cooking’’

She thought of selecting one, but feels compelled to keep going.
So she reached the 4th floor. She can see all city silhouettes there.

The sign board reads “These men have jobs, love kids good cooking and strong romantic line”
What more one needs? She said to herself. But still went up.
Now she could see the top of Power house, Big bazaar etc.
Still not satisfied.
Gone up to the next floor.

Nobody there. There is no man, except a board.
“You are the 156,25,467th visitor this month. The floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please!!!!!
Another board is put up there “Thank u for visiting the mall”

There was huge cry over this shop for alleging gender bias charges.
So the management started a’ wives’ store just across the road.

This is also a multi-storeyed buiding.having 6 floors.

1st floor the sign board reads ” The wives who are beautiful”

The second floor reads “The wives who speak little’’

3rs floor sign board says ” The wives who speak little, beautiful and have money’’
The 4th to 6th floors have never been visited so far!!!!

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