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Simple steps, big savings

Here are tips to help us in these times of shooting power costs.
SIMPLE SOLUTION: One simple way of saving electricity will be to remember to turn the switches off.
With power cut and a thermal surcharge in place, electricity consumers are scurrying for tips to save power and optimise energy use.
From energy audits to sparing the use of the electric iron, consumers leave nothing unattended to save electricity because family budgets and corporate budgets threaten to go haywire in the middle of the financial year.
The most important question now being asked is, Can we enjoy a better lifestyle with much-reduced consumption of electricity? G. Sreenivasan, Public Relations Officer, Kerala State Electricity Board asked this in his blog on World Energy Day (http://meet-tamperfinder. december14- world-energy-day.html).
If sufficient attention is given to the design of the house, use of artificial lighting can be controlled. Windows and ventilators should be placed in such a…