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Today is July 4

This day reminds me two events.
1. The effort made by my beloved father to develop courage, honesty and truthfulness in me, when I was a small boy.
2. The courage and intelligence of the people of Israel.
How these two are related together?
When I was a small boy studying in 3rd or 4th standard, one day my beloved father showed me the pictures appeared in newspapers regarding a hijack by terrorists and later how the hostages were rescued by the Israel Defence Force.
I could not read the English newspaper. He explained me in detail, how the operation was meticulously done to rescue the hostages of Air France air craft from the Entebbe Airport, how the helicopter flew so low to escape from the eyes of the RADAR, how the black painted car carrying the soldiers entered at the terminal, How the life of the commando Mr Netanyahu was lost, How they managed to come back within 30 minutes of operation successfully etc.
I still remember, his description about this small country and the people as…

The ‘Lame’ Excuse

This New Year’s resolution was to take morning walk on all days. As usual, the resolution remains just as a resolution and tamper finder is regularly irregular..

The alarm bell rang with piercing sound.
In the morning, when still in bed, tamperfinder think of various reasons to put the morning walk off.
Any pain on head, hand or knee……
Then look thro’ window……. any chance of rain or moisture?
What’s the time? Is there any chance of getting delayed today’s schedule…?
Has newspaper come? Is any special news?
Has the movement of the men and traffic lessoned?
Is there any visitors’ expected at home?
If answers to all these questions are acceptable, he may think of going out.
Then think of in which direction he should go for a walk. Today, it was postponed to evening and later to night!
A health conscious friend reminded him of brisk walking.
Hence decided to leave all lame excuses and walked fastly..
In the morning, there are so many interesting things to see in Thiruvananthapuram city. It’s…

Beauty and Brain

Beauty and Brain
Beauty parades are always source of everlasting laughter and fun.
You just have to listen to the contestant’s answer to a question asked during the contest……….
A recent example: At the Miss Teen USA pageant, Miss South Carolina was asked:
“Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the US on a world Map. Why do you think this is?
The ‘ intelligent beauty’ answered………..
“I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because uh, some people out there in our nation don’t have maps and uh, I believe that our education, like such as in South Africa and the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, our education over here in the US should help the US, or, or should help South Africa, and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our children.”
She won the 12th place coz there were only twelve participants ………
After the contest, she contacted Jon, her fiance………. And …


Dream Factory.
I happened to see an article on Sabriye and Paul the other day in ‘The Hindu’. I had just casually gone thro’ the blurb and appreciated the charitable work done by two goodhearted person.
Today, when I received a call from my friend Ramesh in the morning seeking a help, I certainly not expected that the visitor would be a exceptional person. .
The visitor was none other than Mr.Paul, whose photo along with Sabriye I have seen the other day in news paper. He is running a blind school near my office.
His wife is also blind. They are running an institute for training the trainers of blind people across the world. Both are from Germany, and were at Tibet before selecting God’s own country as their service field.
He is very cheerful and I experienced positive energy on his closeness.
Born to a middle class family in Germany, he traveled all over the world. There are places where the blind children are put to solitude confinement, deprived o…

Ten Commandments of staff meeting

1. Be on time and in your place at the meeting time.
2. Know who is leading the meeting and show them due respect.
3. Be a good listener. Focus on the speaker and what they are saying.
4. Be supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic when others are giving reports and presenting new ideas.
5. Don’t dominate conversations or interrupt and be sensitive when others want to talk.
6. Don’t be in a mode of attacking, arguing or defending. Take responsibility for your words and actions.
7. Take notes during the meeting.
8. When given an assignment avoid reverse-delegation.
9. When giving assignments confirm that person understands completely.
10. If you need to bring up a problem for discussion that is in your department or project have one or more possible solutions ready to present. (Courtesy internet)

The other side
1. When specific remarks are made, it may annoy others, who cannot adjust the meeting. Hence be as vague as possible.
2. Don’t say anything until the meeting is half over. This may stamp y…

People pleaser

“I’ ve no trouble in saying others ‘No’.
Can you do a favour to me?
When you are very busy, would you refuse a call from a friend asking you a favour?
Many people are ready and willing to help others in need. Sometimes, people do away too much for other people at the expense of their own quality of life. While it is a wonderful thing to help others, we all need to keep a delicate balance of giving and keeping for ourselves. When a person just can’t say ‘No’ to someone who asks a favour, they are People Pleaser. Those who worry that saying ‘No’ is always a bad thing, need a bit more balance.
A pretty balanced style is more acceptable when compared to ‘self pleaser’ and ‘people pleaser’. It is nice to help others, but sometimes we have to please ourselves first. You don’t have to please every one but you should also do what makes you happy’”.

The above are not the brainchild of tamperfinder, but came to his mind when one of his colleagues earnestly putting all her time to …

A Clean desk is devil’s den

A clean desk is devil’s den. That is why I keep my desk always full of files and untidy (and not because I could not deal the files in time!)
But a clean room is definitely not devil’s den. That’s why I decided to clean my room.
I just don’t know when it was cleaned the last time.
This is an old heritage building carrying the nostalgia of great luminaries who chaired the office, spent time , even before I was born.
Tamperfinder always has the nostalgic feeling and can often easily go back to those days (not physically) This heritage building belongs to a part of the electricity department of an erstwhile royal dynasty.
Yes, the room needs urgent cleaning, tamper finder decided. Coz, the other day he found a cockroach nearby...
During cleaning work tamperfinder found a mouse running away from his room and took shelter nearby! Another One is driven out of room by the cleaners.
Two” mouses”……….no……only … mice………. are taken away….. If mouse become mice, why can’t a house become “hice”?
Why not? …


It is load shedding time in the city.
No TV or Music, no noise except few vehicles. The vehicles are off the road today due to shortage of fuel.
How to tide over the ½ hour time? Usually I prefer to stay out during this time but today could not.
I was simply sitting in the settee.
Soon I felt her presence.
Yes, she is sitting near to me!
I can see her eyes at candle light
She’s looking at my face only ,………her eyes reflect like a precious stone
Yes, she adores me!
She has no shame in sitting with a grown up man, especially when the lights are off and others are busy with their works.
I was not wearing a shirt since it’s too hot.
She moved close to me …..Little by little expecting support from me..
I looked at her face.
Yes, she loves me.
Her nails are shaped beautifully. The nature has given all necessary ingredients of beauty to her.
The nail polish is brown and shining, very suitable to her dresses (?)
Yes, she is colour conscious.
Her eyes are blinking. The eyebrows are not touched but in good s…
Call it a day on a high note.
Stop singing when the voice is good (or stop using mobile before its range is out!!!)
Tamperfinder has been the Public Relations Officer of God’s own utility
and has been (mis)handling the vivacious media in God’s own country for the Last two years. As Gods do mischief, so does his media in his own country and utility. ‘God’s own utility’ is a source of news for media for quite some time. The vibrant media don’t like any voids and want news all the time. If not properly informed, they may get information from some other sources; usually from the unofficial PROs and the interpretations need not be correct.
My utility deals about 10 million customers, a quarter century employees and equally, older employees. The modern concept of the management says each and every employee should act as a PR manager, and at the time of crisis, the CEO himself will act as the PR Manager. In tamper finder’s industry, the unofficial PR Managers will com…

The Funny ICICI bank

The Funny ICICI bank
This is the experience I had with ICICI bank today morning.
Tamperfinder was quite happy when the Distance Education University asked him to remit the tuition fee by DD preferably thro’ ICICI bank, not because he likes private new generation banks, but this bank exempt DD commission for tuition fee for my university.
Very good
As I tendered my application for DD for a small amount less than 10000, the chocolate boy at counter asked me whether I possess necessary identification documents with me.
‘Identification for this small amount?’ Whispered tamper finder.
‘Yes sir’,This is our rule and have to follow it scrupulously.

‘Bhayya,…I’m an SB account holder of this bank, still want identification for this just 4 figure amount?’
‘Yes that’s our rule, we have to follow scrupulously’
Tamperfinder gave the original identity card, a driving license, first scrutinized by Asst manager, then by deputy manager and finally by the Branch Manager himself. Finally he handed it over t…