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The ‘Lame’ Excuse

This New Year’s resolution was to take morning walk on all days. As usual, the resolution remains just as a resolution and tamper finder is regularly irregular..

The alarm bell rang with piercing sound.
In the morning, when still in bed, tamperfinder think of various reasons to put the morning walk off.
Any pain on head, hand or knee……
Then look thro’ window……. any chance of rain or moisture?
What’s the time? Is there any chance of getting delayed today’s schedule…?
Has newspaper come? Is any special news?
Has the movement of the men and traffic lessoned?
Is there any visitors’ expected at home?
If answers to all these questions are acceptable, he may think of going out.
Then think of in which direction he should go for a walk. Today, it was postponed to evening and later to night!
A health conscious friend reminded him of brisk walking.
Hence decided to leave all lame excuses and walked fastly..
In the morning, there are so many interesting things to see in Thiruvananthapuram city. It’s…