Saturday, 4 July 2009

Today is July 4

This day reminds me two events.
1. The effort made by my beloved father to develop courage, honesty and truthfulness in me, when I was a small boy.
2. The courage and intelligence of the people of Israel.
How these two are related together?
When I was a small boy studying in 3rd or 4th standard, one day my beloved father showed me the pictures appeared in newspapers regarding a hijack by terrorists and later how the hostages were rescued by the Israel Defence Force.
I could not read the English newspaper. He explained me in detail, how the operation was meticulously done to rescue the hostages of Air France air craft from the Entebbe Airport, how the helicopter flew so low to escape from the eyes of the RADAR, how the black painted car carrying the soldiers entered at the terminal, How the life of the commando Mr Netanyahu was lost, How they managed to come back within 30 minutes of operation successfully etc.
I still remember, his description about this small country and the people as ‘the most intelligent ’ men of the world.
Today is July 4
I salute the brave men of the Entebbe rescue operation.

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