Sunday, 1 August 2010

How to get into Guinness book of World Records or Limca Book of records?

People are trying different novel methods to make an entry into Guinness Book of record s or Limca Book of records. Few are working physically tough to achieve this covetable recognition, yet others think out of box ideas. Some doing tricky spheres, some by virtue of their natural talent succeed. If you have no specific talent still there is a way!!!
Avail a MTNL -Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited –internet connection- broadband -at New Delhi. Wait till it becomes faulty.
Call customer care (Number 1504) and lodge a complaint that the internet connection is faulty.
They will be very prompt in giving you a token number rather than attending the work.
Wait for a couple of days (I’m sure the net connection will not be set right)
Again give complaint to customer care center and repeat procedure shown above.
Mean while give complaint in writing to higher officers in Kidwai Bhavan also. Let the complaint be there enjoying the breeze of wind and seeing the panoramic view of the city.
You can try giving complaint through FAX also. But don’t forget to tender complaint at customer care center which is the entry point for entering into Book Of Records.
Meanwhile my index finger has shortened by half an inch the other day. My family doctor told me that it happened due to pressing of telephone buttons for lodging complaints to higher officers of MTNL and this disease is wide spread wherever there is service of MTNL.There is a collusion between Orthopedics’ doctors and MTNL,I ‘ve every reason to believe.
I’ve half a dozen of complaint token numbers with me and my internet is totally down for the last 3 weeks. If this is the plight of city dwellers, better not to speak about the rural folks.
There is little difference between public and private Internet Service Providers (ISP) .One sleep during the day time and the other remain wide awake at night.

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