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Ohm's Law Vs Street law

National Highway 58 links Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh with Badrinath in Uttarakhand. This Highway passes through Meerut, Hardwar and Rishikesh.Recently I had a journey through this road during day time as well as night. The journey was through both villages and towns. Even though I took all possible care to select the vehicle, it developed a snag, and had to break my journey at a couple of occasions.
My cab driver seems consider it his birthright to drive and the road belongs to us! Throughout the journey, he had been using mobile phone while driving and never compromised on speed. When I asked him to stop either the vehicle or the use of mobile, he politely showed me another driver, of a passenger bus using mobile, while driving!!. He was least bothered about the speed breaker, which soon landed up us in a highway workshop.

He that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned

To drive safely, one must follow many rules and laws. To follow these rules, you must know what traffic lights …

Engineer does a James Bond Act

Engineer does a James Bond Act

It was a James Bond-like impersonation that helped Kerala State Electricity Board engineer, Mr G. Srinivasan, to bust the secrets of a major power theft gang in 2004.
Encouraged by the then power minister, Mr Aryadan Mohammed, Mr Sreenivasan, a member of the KSEB’s power theft squad, pretended to be the CEO of a private firm and met the kingpin of the gang secretly seeking help to ‘steal’ power.
“We only had his mobile number and so we had to undertake this impersonation. I even worked in the private firm’s office for a few days to give it a real feel,” Mr Sreenivasan told Deccan Chronicle.
“It was a dangerous exercise as he was a hardcore criminal. But we drove together and he told me the modus operandi.”
With the tips inadvertently given by the gang, the KSEB squad took out raids and detected power theft worth `150 crore across the state.
These and similar adventures pepper the book ‘Power Theft’ penned by Mr Srinivasan, now resident engineer of the KS…


Jaipur is the first planned city of India located in the desert of Rajastan.In 1853, when the Prince of Wales visited Jaipur; the whole city was painted Pink and hence giving the nickname “Pink City”. The city is clean compared to many other north Indian cities.
I hired a car and by mistake give driver a tip of Rs.100.Taken by surprise of this, he thought myself as a rich man and carried me to only posh Hotels, which drained my pocket quickly. Because of his compulsion only, I made a journey to Pushkar. This is a small village near Jaipur. Lord Brahma the creator of the universe, brought forth Pushkar Lake, so goes the Hindu Mythology.This is the only place for Lord Brahma in the world. Ever since then, Pushkar trade is celebrated annually, devotees think that on the day of Karthik Poornima,all Hindu deities come to the lake and therefore taking a dip is divine.Originally the trade fair was started in a simply way, where villagers traded only donkeys etc…
I used to see an elderly woman resting near the foot path, on my way to office. There is always a dog beside her coat .She may be above 80 years old and sleeping in the winter climate of Delhi near path way. There are extravagant functions and celebrations at one end .Few students of Delhi enjoy pocket money of 6 figures a day. Another man has built a shelter for his family which is 27 storey and 4 helipads, a swimming pool etc. Another Indian spent few crores for marriage of his daughter. An IAS officer couple in Madhya Pradesh, India, thinks 3 crores liquid cash as small money to meet their daily paltry expense. Their unauthorized wealth comes to about 400 crores.A film star appeared in public without the adequate minimum clothing and boasted that she forgot it to put it in due to hectic schedule. Yes, India is incredible and a land of negations. Countless people suffer due to lack of warm clothing in winters. In some parts of India people dig a p…