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I used to see an elderly woman resting near the foot path, on my way to office. There is always a dog beside her coat .She may be above 80 years old and sleeping in the winter climate of Delhi near path way. There are extravagant functions and celebrations at one end .Few students of Delhi enjoy pocket money of 6 figures a day. Another man has built a shelter for his family which is 27 storey and 4 helipads, a swimming pool etc. Another Indian spent few crores for marriage of his daughter. An IAS officer couple in Madhya Pradesh, India, thinks 3 crores liquid cash as small money to meet their daily paltry expense. Their unauthorized wealth comes to about 400 crores.A film star appeared in public without the adequate minimum clothing and boasted that she forgot it to put it in due to hectic schedule. Yes, India is incredible and a land of negations. Countless people suffer due to lack of warm clothing in winters. In some parts of India people dig a p…