Sunday, 27 February 2011


Jaipur is the first planned city of India located in the desert of Rajastan.In 1853, when the Prince of Wales visited Jaipur; the whole city was painted Pink and hence giving the nickname “Pink City”. The city is clean compared to many other north Indian cities.
I hired a car and by mistake give driver a tip of Rs.100.Taken by surprise of this, he thought myself as a rich man and carried me to only posh Hotels, which drained my pocket quickly. Because of his compulsion only, I made a journey to Pushkar. This is a small village near Jaipur. Lord Brahma the creator of the universe, brought forth Pushkar Lake, so goes the Hindu Mythology.This is the only place for Lord Brahma in the world. Ever since then, Pushkar trade is celebrated annually, devotees think that on the day of Karthik Poornima,all Hindu deities come to the lake and therefore taking a dip is divine.Originally the trade fair was started in a simply way, where villagers traded only donkeys etc, now the scope of business increased largely. The livestock traders decorate the animals very creatively especially the camels. The camel‘s hair is beautifully designed and further embroidered with vibrant paints and Rangolli colours.
Amber Fort is the capital of a clan; till Jaipur was made the official capital in 1757.The Amber Fort looks stunning, all-built in white marble and red sand stone. To add to its charm is the lake makes it foreground.Night life in Jaipur is certainly as regal as this pink city of Rajasthan .Though the guides at this place look harmless, they’ll made us purchase things we not require at all!
Choki Dhani is a village fair and restaurant. Live dance and music performance all through the evening is one of the major attractions at Choki Dhani, which was getting all but forgotten in these modern times.Royal dining is another speciality.Food is served in silverware but richly clothed staff with live performance by traditional dancers; ethnic dining with village ambience is worth seeing. The traditional Rajasthan food is served on a leaf platter of manuhaar.

Dry leaves in which food is served!!!

A Villageman enjoying the traditional Food

Chokhi Dhani offers its visitors an opportunity to release all worries in the cottage dwellings that give a glimpse of the unique and splendid culture of Rajasthan. These cottages are semi rural dwelling that are small yet cozy , they represent the ethnic culture of Rajasthan as opposed to the majestic lifestyle of the Kings. The life in rural Rajasthan is all about humble living with purely traditional tastes

The display of traditional huts and workmanship will take you back to the times when splendor was unpretentious. Experience the rich warmth and rustic charm of a typical Rajasthani Village at Chokhi Dhani- the festivities never end here !!!

Live dance and music performance all through the evenings is one of the major attractions at Chokhi Dhani Village. The exposure that the local folk artistes have received has revived many of the arts and crafts that were getting all but forgotten in these modern times. Few visitors can resist the temptation to join the artistes and dance with the music.

The magic show, the puppet show, acrobatics on a bamboo without the protection of a safety net beneath, the astrologer, the fortune teller parrot all made the visitors spellbound.

The artificial forest with roar sounds of animals and tribes, boating, horse riding, camel riding, elephant riding and much more are here to rejuvenate you and your family.

Animal riders are great fun, be it camel or elephant, bullock cart or horse. The massage by the royal Masseurs is quite funny as they treat us as drum and perform art on our head and body making us feel pain, but soon released after the delicious dinner. But the way in which food is wasted cannot be accepted.

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