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When I think of a well, the picture comes to my mind is old deep well, without any motor pump used in our village in olden days. All the houses have their own well and there was no need of purification of water further. The water from well was as sweet as honey. During summer time, the level of water goes down and the villagers get a time to clean it. Its a skilled act to go down to a well having circular rings.

I still remember my father climbing down to a well whenever he wanted to pick anything which accidentally fell into it. As time passed, I too learnt how to descend in to a well. There is no projection or hooks to hang on, but mere balancing will protect the person from falling down. Now, as a city dweller, I cant see any well in the nearby places. I’m afraid people do not know how can a well be constructed or how can we descend into without ladder. The picture of old village well creates a nostalgia in my mind. That is why I said ‘yes’ when a friend invited to me to visi…

The “Living” Sculpture

Khajuraho is just a small modest village with no more than 3000 residents surrounded by the forestland. As Khajuraho gets a fair number of tourists from all over the world every year, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops have sprung up in large numbers at the entrances to the two distinctive groups of temples here. Aeroplanes are not a thing of curiosity for the villagers anymore and the emblem of a warrior fighting a lion single-handedly and with his bare hands seen frequently at the temples is said to be the depiction of the valiant warrior-king who was the head of the clan of the Chandela Rajputs who built the temples. Chandelas are believed to be the descendants of the Moon God himself. The construction of the temples is said to have started in the mid- 9th century and continued until the early 12th century and due to the lack of records of the building activity, the names of the thousands of sculptors, architects and masons, who must have contributed in their construction has b…