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What is eco-friendly electricity?

When we say eco-friendly electricity, we generally mean its generation causes least disturbance to eco system, like electricity from wind,Solar,bio-gas etc.Even the hydro electric projects pollute the eco system, though marginally with the production of methane gas. Then what should be eco friendly electricity? What is the function of eco friendliness in transmission and distribution of electricity? All These thoughts would have remained utopian had I not made a trip to Kolkota, West Bengal in India. I have never been to Bengal earlier and that’s why I accepted the itinerary, though it was not flexible. This is an old city. Nostalgia of British raj is still here. It is located in eastern India on the east bank of the River Hooghly. The colonial city was developed by the British East India Company . The city was the capital of the British Indian empire till 1911 when it was relocated to Delhi. Kolkata witnessed a fast rise as the second city of the British Em…

The Oblations

The oblation (Shraddh) is the ceremonies and rituals performed for the departed souls of dead ancestors. It is believed that the souls will attain peace by the rituals performed during the anniversary days. It is Yama, the god of death in Hindu mythology, who explained the importance of Shraddh. The rituals are usually performed under the guidance of a learned person or priest. To remember the ancestors is something to do for the descendants. This can be done informally in one's own private time. The ancestry goes as far to the first humans. It then could go through the different stages of evolution. Before the first human and the first life form there was the interaction and compounding of matter to make the conditions to allow life to begin its progress. Before the existence of matter there was emptiness. These are all points derived from evidence, postulations and assumptions. Still, besides this many varied theories on this existence have been passed down by soothsayers, seers…