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Ezhilampala (Indian Devil tree.)

The smell, that, comes from a tree named Alstonia Scholaris or Saptaparni or Ezhilampala (Indian devil tree) attracts the people of Delhi on the onset of winter. The presence of this tree just near to my office attracts people by smell of flowers and can be felt even 100 meters away. The tree bears a fruit which ripens and break open at night, spreading the aroma and the pollen.In Indian mythology, Yakshi the female goddess associated with the fertility of the earth, love, and beauty lives in Ezhilampala
                       In Kerala Yakshi is a very popular folklore character. Similar characters are known in many parts of the world. While the Yakshi of Kerala folklore prefers white robes, similar characters, the Scottish and Malaysian prefer green apparels.It is said that whenever a Yakshi appears there would be fragrance of Jasmine or Pala (Alstonia scholaris) - common name Indian devil tree.                                                  A soft-st…


The northern state of India - Himachal Pradesh have the benefit of two narrow gauge Rail tracks - Kalka/Shimla and Pathankot/Jogindernagar. Kalka Shimla toy train run on these treks popularly called 'Toy Trains' by the tourists. Roundabout on Shimla toy train is a stimulating experience as one passes through the breathtaking landscapes of splendid Himalayas, tunnels, bridges and fertile green dale embroidered with pine, oak trees, leaving a long lasting memory of ecstasy and accomplishment.

The Past, Present and Future of Single Phase Metering In India.

With the implementation of RGGVY scheme, the requirement of single phase meters has become more and more. The financially crunched utilities are struggling hard to buy good quality meters  with communication  facility , as returns from these meters are meager ,but at the same time they have to come up with the technology for electrical meters underway  in  many  other  countries.  Here an attempt is made to go through various phases of this sector over the past few decades and years to come.                   From the century old rotating wheel or Ferraris meter or    electro mechanical meter,   Utilities   in   India are following the trend in utilities in other parts of the world. With the advent of electronics and IT, the technology behind electrical meters underway tremendously but there is still many unanswered questions surrounding the best implementation system.           The statistics about metering in India is quite astonishing. One of our neighboring states has about 5 millio…

INDIA POWER :January-March Issue