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Energy Conservation in fans using inverter technology

Inverter technologyuses a variable speed compressor motor similar to a car. It simply slows down and speeds up as needed to hold a selected comfort setting.Inverter technologyprovides a more precise room temperature without the temperature fluctuations of fixed speed systems. Air Conditioners are a pain point for most people in our country who are concerned about their electricity bills. The moment an air conditioner is added to the list of appliances used in a household, the electricity bills increase significantly. Although it is difficult to significantly reduce the “big” impact of an air conditioner on your electricity bills, but still some of it can be managed by choosing the right technology, doing the right installation/maintenance/operation and by doing the right insulation of the room where the air conditioner is used (more details in our articles listed at the end of this article). When it comes to technology, there were not many available till sometime back. When BEE activel…